Modern Furniture Company, 2022
Naming, Logo, Visual Identity, Social Medial Design
I have developed branding from A to Z, from the name to the rules for using the design in social media. Branding is based on dividing any layout into zones, as is done in living spaces for which furniture is designed. This same rule is shown in the logo. Calm colors, right angles, and simplicity are all that are associated with modern furniture.
Elegant and minimalist logo design for a furniture company.Sophisticated visual identity elements for a minimalist furniture brand.Calm and geometric social media design for a furniture company.High-end advertisement design for minimalist furniture.Minimalist logo variations for a furniture brand.Visual identity showcasing geometric and minimalist design elements.Social media banner with a calm and luxurious feel for a furniture company.Elegant print advertisement for minimalist furniture.Geometric and minimalist branding for a furniture company's brochure.Social media post design featuring high-end furniture pieces.Clean and sophisticated logo for a minimalist furniture brand.Visual identity package with calm and geometric elements.Advertisement design highlighting the minimalist and expensive feel of the furniture.Social media content design with a focus on geometric shapes.Luxury branding elements for a minimalist furniture catalog.Geometric and calm poster design for furniture promotions.Elegant business card design for a minimalist furniture company.High-end social media visuals for a furniture brand.
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Max from brought our brand to life with his innovative designs and intuitive web solutions. His attention to detail and prompt delivery exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!
Working with Max was a breeze! His creative flair and professionalism transformed our brand identity, making it stand out in a crowded market. Thanks, Max and the CD team!
Max's design expertise and commitment to quality were evident throughout our project. He grasped our vision quickly and delivered exceptional results on time and within budget. Looking forward to future collaborations!
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